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Welcome Recruits!

My name is Darius Trent, Chief Operating Officer of The Cerberus Project, and I'll be your contact for the missions you'll be undertaking on our behalf.

We want you to get settled in properly and that means assigning you to one of the seven HELLstalker units currently active in our AO, or Area of Operations. For your first official assignment, click on your name next to the "Logged In As" link at the bottom of this page and complete your user profile. Pay specific attention to the Country field, as where you currently reside will determine what unit you will be assigned to - HELLstalker One for Europe, HELLstalker Two for Asia, HELLstalker Three for North America, HELLstalker Four for South America, HELLstalker Five for Africa, HELLstalker Six for Australia, and, if you're one of those poor unfortunates stuck down there at the bottom of the world, HELLstalker Seven for Antarctica.

Shortly thereafter your name will appear on our official rolls and you'll be granted access to Central Command's Mission Briefings page. There you will find the latest missions for you to choose from and carry out. Each mission will have a particular task assigned to it and an official reward for those who can complete the mission. When you have done everything that mission requires, you must email me here at Central Command (command@hellstalkers.com) so that I can give you credit for completing it. Obviously, you'll also need to provide whatever confirmation materials the missions requires - you'll find those in your briefing.

That's it for now. Grab some chow, find your rack space, and we'll talk more later.


(Visit the Central Command Briefing Page)

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Eric Miller March 28, 2012 at 8:08 pm

Great start to a new series. I am looking forward to their further adventures.

leonard higgins February 26, 2013 at 8:03 pm


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