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Recruitment Center

Visit exotic places. Meet strange new creatures.  Do your best to kill them before they kill you.

The HELLstalker units are the toughest special ops teams on the planet, the ones who stand in the breach and say "Not on my watch.  Not now.  Not ever."  Man's last defense against the unthinkable creatures that seek to invade our world through the breach caused by the Collider failure.

The HELLstalker motto?

Recusate Repellite Ruite               Deny  Defend  Destroy

Now you have the chance to join this elite team of warriors and help promote the HELLstalkers series at the same time!

After basic training you will be assigned to one of the seven HELLstalker units stationed around the world and will be called upon by the head of the Cerberus Project, Darius Trent, to carry out hazardous missions on behalf of the organization.

In return, you will receive public recognition for your efforts, promotion to higher rank, and the chance to earn all kinds of cool swag like HELLstalker merchandise, special collector's editions of the books and artwork, the chance to be a character in a future HELLstalker adventure, and more!

A special members-only section of this website has been set aside for all new recruits. To enlist, simply fill out the form below:

[register_HELLstalker members]

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