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World’s First English Language Thriller Series Written Exclusively for Mobile Phone Market to Launch at Frankfurt Book Fair

Vienna: Blackbetty MobileMedia GmbH, a small screen publisher (SSP) specializing in mobile marketing and distribution, and Vodafone Group Plc, the world’s leading telecommunications company, have partnered with internationally bestselling authors Joe Nassise and Jon F. Merz to produce the first English language thriller series written exclusively for the mobile phone market.

HELLstalkers will focus on an international cast of characters and a global setting, with the story featuring quantum portals, a mysterious organization known as the Cerberus Group, and an accident at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland.  The first volume, The Cerberus Protocol, will be released in serial format, with several chapters available free of charge at the Frankfurt Book Fair as a way of introducing the series to its international audience.

“We’re tremendously excited to be working with Joe and Jon,” says Jorg Hotter, CEO of Blackbetty.  “It’s rare to find two accomplished authors who fully embrace the idea of using advanced technology to deliver such an intriguing and exciting storyline.  This is a great step for all involved and we think audiences will love the HELLstalkers series.”

Like all of the mobilebooks published by Blackbetty, The Cerberus Protocol and its companion volumes will utilize high resolution graphical cover art, easy-to-use navigation, high quality fonts, and interactive features such as a feedback function that allows the reader to contact the editor, the publisher, and even the authors themselves.

“I find the idea of interactive storytelling to be particularly compelling,” says Nassise, “and I’m extremely excited to be releasing HELLstalkers to our readership in such cutting-edge fashion.” Co-writer Merz agrees.   “I'm thrilled that we get to reach a global audience with this project.  21st century technology means writers like Joe and I have yet another way to get our stories in front of readers."  The series will also be supported through a fully-interactive website where fans can find more information about forthcoming volumes and delve deeper into the mysteries at the heart of the story.

Thanks to the partnership with Vodafone, consumers can take advantage of an incredible array of distribution options, from mobile tagging and SMS shortcode ordering to Bluetooth-activated terminals and wireless distribution.  The fact that customers can be charged directly by their cellular service provider on their monthly bill makes the entire transaction even easier.

In addition to Germany and the US/UK, the series will also shortly be available to readers in Finland, Saudi Arabia, India, and Africa.

About the Authors
Joe Nassise (www.josephnassise.com) is the author of fourteen novels including the internationally bestselling Templar Chronicles trilogy.  His latest, Eyes to See, will be out from Pan Books in December. As a writing coach, he helps authors make the most of their careers at RockYourWritingCareer.com.

Jon F Merz (www.jonfmerz.net) is the author of over a dozen novels, including the critically acclaimed hardboiled Lawson Vampire series, which Merz is currently adapting for television through his production company New Ronin Entertainment

For more information visit the series website at http://www.hellstalkers.com or email info @ hellstalkers.com.

About Blackbetty MobileMedia GmbH

Blackbetty Mobilemedia GmbH specializes in the publication of texts on small screens (Small Screen Publishing). Blackbetty has developed Mobilebook Technology allowing independent application of mobile phones. Users can read a broad range of high quality texts (including images and audio) on small screens. Mobilebooks meet all publishing and copyright standards and have a wide range of technical properties and an interesting palette of additional functions. Only those functions and extensions relevant to the text are built into the Mobilebook. The Mobilebook possesses characteristics which permit a wide range of individualized applications. Blackbetty’s convergent publishing concept enables companies, publishers and agencies to present their texts and brands on mobile phone screens.

Contact Karsten Sturm at K.Sturm @ Blackbetty.at for more information.


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