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Welcome to HELLstalkers

On November 23rd, scientists at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland ran a short test on the newly completed Large Hadron Collider.  For that brief period, protons swarmed back and forth along the seventeen miles of carefully constructed tunnel and slammed into each other with devastating force, generating power the likes of which had not been seen since the moment of the Big Bang.

Just a few short hours.

That was all it took for our world to be invaded.

For months, opponents of the project advocated against its activation. Protesters assembled outside the CERN compound, demonstrating in front of the main gates desperate to call attention to their beliefs of what would happen if the LHC went online.  The international media made a point of highlighting the most inflammatory of the lot, those who felt that starting the billion dollar device would bring an end to the world as we know it.  Their theories for what would cause such a cataclysm were as varied as the protesters themselves, from the creation of a localized singularity to a disruption in the space/time continuum, from global earthquakes to the smiting hand of a vengeful god, angry that man was trying to recreate the very act of Creation itself.

Unfortunately, the truth was worse than what any of them imagined.

During that short test period, the barriers between this world and others weakened.  Creatures poised at the edge of these boundaries since time began took advantage of the sudden opportunity.  In the blink of an eye, they broke through.  In Geneva, the slaughter was absolute. Some of humanity's most brilliant minds fell under the savage assault of demonic creatures whose claws shredded machinery as easily as bodies.

Other portals opened randomly across the globe.  Some popped into existence in the middle of the most inhospitable territory on the planet - the Sahara Desert and the Antarctic ice shelf. But others opened in the midst of major metropolitan cities like London and Moscow.  From out of those portals streamed our worst nightmares, blasphemous beings with a lust for human flesh and suffering.  The first wave were little more than mindless creatures bent on slaughter and mayhem, but later we learned that other things had come through as well, beings with names and intelligence, beings that most decidedly did NOT have the best interests of mankind at heart.

It had almost happened once before, in the aftermath of the last global conflict, but the actions of a dedicated few managed to prevent all out disaster.  Some of those involved tried to forget the awful truth, that there were other-world dangers laying in wait on the periphery of our existence, but a hardcore few took the necessary steps to ensure that if our boundaries were ever breached, there would be a defense.

They established The Cerberus Protocol in recognition of the three-headed dog that guarded the gates to the underworld in Greek mythology, for that’s exactly what the multinational unit would be called to do, guard the earth against the strange and horrible creatures that had invaded it.

My name is Captain Memphis Stone, commander of the Hellstalkers, the armed response unit hastily assembled to face this growing threat.

This is the story of the men and women under my command, those who stand in the gap and shed their blood to protect the rest of humanity from creatures that we never imagined we’d ever face, not even in our darkest dreams.

Welcome to the front lines.

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